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Franklin Templeton plans to start trading cryptocurrencies

Global Investment Fund Franklin Templeton is recruiting employees to organize trading in bitcoin and ether and products based on them.

According to the vacancies posted by Franklin Templeton, the asset management company plans to start working with cryptocurrencies.

At least two jobs posted this week are related to cryptocurrencies: Trader and a crypto market researcher. New hires will join Franklin Templeton’s digital asset management investment team.

New hires will be tasked with implementing cryptocurrency strategies, building relationships with blockchain developer communities, and developing new cryptocurrency products for a global investment fund. It is not entirely clear if Franklin Templeton’s cryptocurrency strategy will be directly related to the trading of cryptoassets, or it will be funds and derivatives.

One of the requirements for applicants for the position of a trader is experience in the derivatives and futures markets. The company may be planning to focus on trading regulated contracts for BTC and ETH, as other investment firms have done.

In 2019, Franklin Templeton Investments announced that it would track the stock of its investment fund on the Stellar blockchain using startup tools Curv.

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