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Sotheby’s auctioned 202 NFT Bored Ape for $18 million

The auction house will sell the popular NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club and Bored Ape Kennel Club collections on 2-9.

According to Sotheby’s, the auction house will bail out the sale of collectible NFTs from $ 1.5 to $ 18 million. As payment options, supported by Coinbase Commerce, Sotheby’s will accept USDC, Ether, Bitcoin and US dollars.

Bored Ape Yacht Club has become the second NFT after CryptoPunks in terms of total trading volume (136,107 ETH), according to The lowest price at the time of writing for the cheapest NFT Bored Ape Yacht Club on the open market is 48.8 ETH or $ 165,578. Notable owners of the NFT collection include NBA superstar Steph Curry, YouTube founder Logan Paul and musician Jermaine Dupri.

NFT continues to generate increased interest  from both active participants in the crypto industry and well-known brands  and companies wishing to own them. Non-fungible tokens have found use in many sectors of the traditional economy, and those who create them see a growing demand for the industry. 
An active search for specialists in the field of NFT and regular posting of vacancies from leading companies once again confirm this. In a recent example, Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten posted a vacancy for an  NFT developer. The company is looking for a business development specialist for its Rakuten Blockchain Lab, which specializes in concepts such as token security and NFT.

Sotheby’s is actively working with NFT and highly values ​​this unique asset. In July, Sotheby’s sold musician Jay-Z’s NFT for $ 139,000. It also sold the original World Wide Web source code to NFT for $ 5.4 million.

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